Monday, June 20, 2011

No, No

Isn't she just a cutie-pa-tootie!!!

I am not living in the garage, the furniture will!!! U guys are funny! Reading back over the last post i see where u got that idea tho, I was not very clear. Almost have all the living area painted, will move on to the kitchen tomorrow. It was a very nice day here today, certainly can't complain about the weather. got a curtain of sorts tacked up in the bedroom, so the sun will not shine in there bright and early :( Luci barks every time an ice cube drops out of the automatic ice making machine, it is funny, the thing is old and shoots them all over the inside of the topside freezer, no telling where u will find one. Then only does about one or two an hour, at that rate will take forever to make some margarita's!!!!
Every time i go out to the car or the mailbox i pull a couple weeds, doing the inside 1st then will tackle the very overgrown, weedy yard.
And yes, i still have Carl. Brian is having to work out of town, in the valley, Willamina area and can't have Carl with him, so that leaves you know who!
Take Care and God Bless All


  1. Here I was looking forward to seeing your pictures of your home in the garage. ;)

  2. Definitely a cutie-pa-tootie. Good thing you said "she" cause Carl is also a cutie.

    I had to go back and catch up on why you (or your furniture) were living in the garage. Glad you're getting the house all put together. And a bed is definitely a good thing to have.

  3. I am also glad you said "she" because Carl may be plenty of things but not a cutie-pa-tootie LOL! Sorry Carl :((

    My daughter's dog comes running when she hears the ice maker spitting out ice. Anything that falls on the floor is hers - she LOVES to eat ice chips!

    Sounds like you're making good progress...don't forget to take some pictures.

  4. You sure fooled me! Here I imagined you sleeping on the garage floor with all the oil spots, :)

  5. Love your ice maker story. Your blog is great it so often makes me laugh. You have a great way of telling a story.

    I think they are both cuties although she is cuter than he is. And I suspect she may be a lot less trouble too. :-)

    Poor Carl. But he and your son are really lucky you are so willing.