Wednesday, July 20, 2011


This is a special blog :-) hahaha.... if you can read the blurry photos. The Tibet Almond Stick is a wonderful thing!!! My friend DeeDee had it and used it on my china cabinet when i moved in, but remembered it AFTER i had already loaded up all the shelves and i was not going to take out things and use it on the shelves and this was the time to use it.
BUT first a couple weeks ago i looked them up online and sent them a statement about how wonderful it had made the outside of the cabinet look, they wrote me back and wanted to use my testament in their ads and thought i needed my own stick and sent me one, was that not the nicest thing? Well they certainly have a customer for life, the stick is only $3!!! So it is not an outlandish investment to make your cherished items or woodwork look nice! And look at the difference in the before and after pics!!! It works so wonderful and smells good too!

Got the china cabinet together. I always have to pack it up myself and carry the pieces in my car, unpack, then place into the cabinet, so nothing gets broken. The cabinet came from my maternal grand parents, Wallaces. Also many of the special dishes in it. Oh and the crummy white chair, that has always been in my bedroom, even as a child. Was going to sand it down and re-paint, but could not bring myself to do it, probably silly, but that is the way i feel, all the chips go with me.
And i have these pictures reversed. the one below is the before pic and the one above is the after, "after" using the Tibet Almond Stick!!! Are u not impressed, I ask you??? Same exact shelf!!!!!

Can't have a blog without some flowers! There lupines were at the RV park in Sisters when we were there. Never saw this color before and they were so pretty, It is called the Sisters/Bend Garden RV and they are really working on their garden areas.
Have just been busy doing stuff, did the hair thing, i was getting so shaggy and hairy. Still moving, basically all out of the house, so just have to get the outside stuff and out of the garage, have no idea where i am going to put all the rest, but where there is a will there is a way, right?? Right!!!
Take Care All...........


  1. That almond stick stuff is incredible. I'm headed over to their website right now.

  2. That almond stuff looks great. Have to check it out.

  3. You are a very good spokeswoman for the Tibet Almond Stick!

  4. Wow! That did make a big difference on the shelf.

  5. What a difference that almost stick makes! Incredible. The shelf looks great.