Friday, July 29, 2011


Isn't this the cutest thing? My friend had one that was a cat, I think it would be doubly cute were it a Dachshund!!
And these Honeysuckle smelled SO good!!!! I want one!! Have one at the other house, but don't know that i could transplant it yet again :)
Friend Carol and i went to a Stampin Up Garage sale, had to get up at 7am :( to be 1st in line, geez. And of course i found things i could not live without... These pictures were taken in her yard. Altho we live in a desert here, some people DO make it bloom....
Went to some stores to see if i was missing anything, in the way of furniture, no i wasn't , thank heavens. but did get some yummy brioche at Sparrow Bakery!!
Take Care all, wish i could share the brioche!!!!


  1. I love the fragrance of Honeysuckle...but...used to have one here and I finally had to tear it out. It was wanting to take over my deck and climb right into my house. That thing had a life of its own!!

  2. It would be cute to have one shaped like a doxie. But since they love to hunt rabbits so much, that works too.