Sunday, July 31, 2011

My House

Here is a view of the house, the lot is on a corner, there is parking to the left also (in the back) which makes it nice and have double space in front so can have the car and pick-up side by side and not have to keep jockeying them in front of each other, or just put the pick-up in the back driveway. BUT don't think either space is long enough in the back or wide enough in the front to accommodate the RV. Oh well, it is happy in Madras and less snow there too. Going to get rid of the large bushes on the end of the house eventually. Thinking of putting in space for the RV there, maybe? would have to re-do the curbing tho :( Just thinking.
The bunch of flowers i put in the front are changing all the time, color gets different and little ones pop out and the older ones get darker, but think they are still pretty.
Great Sunday!!!
Take Care all


  1. That's a great picture of your house, Loree.

    Very pretty flowers!

  2. How I love Oregon. My bucket list was dumped a while back, but I'm slowly filling it, again. I would love to spend a winter on the coast of Oregon.

    You are so lucky to live not only in Oregon, but out west where all the beautiful states are within a reasonable distance. hobopals aka jack b nimble

  3. It is SO much easier having the RV parked at your home unless you're fulltiming. Ours used to be ready to go on a moments notice for a weekend, and then we'd go each summer. Once the tall ships were coming down the river in Savannah on a Saturday afternoon. We saw it on the morning news and Rich said, "C'mon, let's go." And we were off and made it just tin time to see the first one round the bend.
    hobopals aka jack b nimble aka Lizzie Jack