Friday, September 2, 2011

Comp Things

Well, today my computer lady came. I needed to backup all my pictures! One would think i could do this myself, wouldn't one. NOT this one! It looks so easy too. Maybe next time. But we had a nice chat, her name is Linda Burwell, she does sky-diving too :) She helped Mom with her computer and she has inherited me!
So i am safe for another year.
We are having lovely Fall weather. Almost froze to death night b4 last, tried to work the Monitor, it burns kerosene, weird. Went on-line and downloaded/printed a copy of the operating manual, mostly it was on how to install, which i don't need as it is already in, but needed to restart. Works like a champ, got warm, but can't get it programmed, think i need to spend more time tweaking it, or something, so just turned the damned thing off when it got too hot!!!
Now i will have to restart it again when it cools down again, then call the service people here in town to walk me through it, Can't be that hard!! haha
No harder than backing up the computer!!! :-0
Take Care and God Bless All, Stay warm..............


  1. Yup, Loree, it is that Labor Day frost thing that happens in this part of the world! My greenhouse tomatoes are still green, but I keep hoping. At least they shouldn't freeze, but who knows if cold nights and shorter days will keep them all green. Glad you got your photos backed, that is important.

  2. If everyone knew how to do their own back ups, what would your computer lady do for a living? See, she needs you as much as you need her LOL! Our nights in Eugene are getting cooler but not like the high desert. I love those crisp fall nights and early mornings.

  3. Sounds like one of those "technology days" that I hate. Although I did back up my computer just a few days ago. Glad that's over. How cold is it there??

  4. I have an external hard drive for my Mac and when I plug it in it starts automatically. When it's done, I just move the icon to the trash and the backup is complete.

  5. Backing up the computer is a must. I am sure you could do it. If you store a lot of data and pictures, once a year is not enough. I back mine up before every move or at least every two weeks.

    Sadly hard drives can not be trusted not to crash.