Saturday, October 8, 2011

Harvest Faire

 Harvest Faire was in Sisters this week end, so left early and was there the better part of the day waiting for people to show up,  visiting with my niece at the Sno-Cap where she works. Sitting in the sun reading.  Just generally looking at things.  There is not too much of a "Harvest" about it, really, more artists with their wares.  Got some cool light switch covers, little gifties for xmas gifts and a hat, which i will model for a future blog :)  This is my friend DeeDee who has lost a TON of weight with the gastric by-pass, looks good huh?  Also note the cute trailer bird houses!!!
 There were also these bird houses.  they always want SO much for these and how hard can they be to make, I ask u??  Was not to take pictures, they even had a sign up to NOT do that, which i noticed afterwards, oops....

Then there was this interesting booth with things made out of silver and utensils,  Interesting, but what to do with them? Hang in the window in the kitchen maybe??

And you have my lovely Three Sisters photo, you can see the new snow, sort of, but too many days like this one and that will melt off.  It was weird, I got cold in the shade and started to sweat in the sun. Did have a heavier coat/jacket on.
Dogs were glad to see me come home.
Take Care all!!


  1. Absolutely love the trailer bird houses.

  2. That's a beautiful picture of the mountains!

  3. It's so hard to beat those great pictures of the Sisters that you can take near the one you posted.

  4. Love those trailer bird houses. I want that one on the bottom of the photo on a crate.