Wednesday, October 12, 2011

no glasses

I have 'discovered' greek yogurt.  It is good for u!  More protein too.  BUT this morning i had breakfast prior to putting my glasses on.  Thought i was eating cherry yogurt, doesn't that look like a cherry on the front? At a quick glance? w/o glasses on? And i kept getting 'pitts'-- how disgusting, did they not take out the pitts or strain the fruit or something before putting it in the yogurt?  geez i am going to have to write a letter to Chobani people this is disgusting.  Then after awhile and holding the container closer to my eyes to SEE what was going on, this is weird!!!  Discovered it was pomegranate!!  What?? Who would buy such a thing?  Me?  I don't even like pomegranates, they are so disappointing, all those seeds and hardly any fruit.  We used to always want these when i was a kid, loved to spit the seeds at my little brothers.  BUT not in my yogurt and not in the morning. (I don't like too many upsetting things, decisions, awkwardness first thing in the morning) Do NOT like green eggs and ham, no siree!!!! Whoever bought this, it was a BAD decision. Do NOT like seeds in my yogurt!!!! No, Not in the morning....I am pretty sure not ever!
What a way to start the day!
Have a good morning all, take care.....


  1. HAHahAaHaaa.... me either, Loree... I do not like surprises in the morning...

    I recently bought a pomegranate to see if I liked them. Y'cut into one then get a scoop of gelatinous stuff with seeds and you're right... not much fruit for all that todoing.

    Spitting at brothers is good....

  2. Too funny. But I don't like all those seeds either. I even buy the seedless raspberry jam. Better check the rest of your supply.

  3. I think you can eat those seeds.

  4. I love to eat pomegranates but I'll take them without the yogurt! Can't stand that stuff - except for TCBY. Funny post, thanks for sharing your hilarious morning.

  5. Just curious, did the person who bought the yogurt forget his/her glasses, too? :)

  6. I do not eat seeds!!! and yes i had glasses on when buying it, but NEVER once thought there would be SEEDS in it, maybe just the flavor, not seeds.....

  7. Very funny Loree! I LOL!!

    I used to feel the same way you did about pomegranates until a friend sent me an article on how to eat them and I found out that it is the seeds that are delicious. That other stuff is the pith.

    I followed the directions and loved the seeds on ice cream, in cereal, in yogurt. Wish I were there, you could give that stuff to me although I'm not so sure I like Greek Yogurt.

    I went to Greece and their yogurt was SO much better than anything we have here. It was fantastic. So when it came out on the market I snatched it up. But it wasn't at all like the yogurt I had in Greece. Maybe I should try another brand.