Thursday, November 17, 2011

Branching out

Not much going on, just life.
Last night there were big winds. This morning the wind chime kept hitting the same note, over and over and over again, geez!  Have plans coming to my house for Thanks day. Tomorrow going to go to a place called RealDealz that is only open Fridays and Saturday for short hours, BUT they have really good dealz on decorating items.  Then the Holiday Food & Gift Festival is at the Fairgrounds this week end and HAVE to go there, as they have a Cutco knives booth, or they did last year and hoping they have them again this year too as want to get the GREATEST cheese knife in the world for two friends/relatives.  Cleaned house yesterday. Always feel SO much better with a clean space to live in.
Am doing really well with the bipap, had a doctor appt Tuesday and they were really pleased.  Have gone thru 5 masks tho! My cousin John gave me advice on a web site of where to get supplies and they had different ones. Asked the distributor here and lo, they had one a 'Swift for Her' and it is working really well.  It has nasal pillows, sounds gross huh? Have another gel one to try. Have not done that yet as with everything i do, like the one i am using so why change, but one of these days will get bold and try it too :)
I do that with lots of things in life.  As an example: we have a little cafe type place on Galveston called Brother John's, has really neat sandwiches and salads.  I always get the half a blue cheese cobb, well last time i branched out, (omg) and had a crab cake po' boy and it was good, BUT wished i had stayed with the salad as i REALLY like that.  Why try something else when u know what u like?  huh???  Just the way i am, hard to branch out and try something new, when the tried and true works so well!!!!
AND this is the way i am alot of the time, the way i eat, the same all the time, hard to branch out and try new things, to even THINK of different things.  When traveling would normally stay in KOA as u know what u are going to get, mostly no surprises, normally always clean, spaced well and all the hook-ups, no surprises there. Like at Interstate RV in Davenport, Iowa, when got all settled could not find the cable hook-up?  well that is becuz they did not have cable, OMG!!!!  no TV!!!  for 3 months???? I managed, but was not a happy camper.....
Have to stretch and explore, keep trying to remember that and do it!!!!
Take Care all


  1. I can be a lot like you too. I like certain things but I am willing to try something new once in awhile. But KOA's - tried them don't like them. And since we only use our TV antenna, not having cable doesn't mean anything to us. However, when we go to a "regular" restaurant, I almost always order the same thing. Usually a burger. One of my favorite foods.

  2. About all I can do for the next few days is watch TV and there isn't a darn thing on worth watching. Maybe some evenings for an hour or two, but daytime TV is really bad.

  3. You know, Loree, I think you branch out more than you give yourself credit for. I read your blog last year when you were traveling new territory in your motorhome all by yourself, all over the southern part of the country! Just because you like a cobb salad best does not mean you don't have that adventure gene buried down in there.

  4. You could order a whole cobb salad...I could sure eat the other half. Love those things. I'm a lot like that, too...order what you know you's hard to go wrong. But, it's fun to try something different when you have the opportunity. Life is full of choices...some are harder than others...but they all offer rewards.