Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cards done

 Got my Christmas cards all done!!!  What was i thinking? there were so many steps to finish them.. eight different steps in all. Had two prototypes done, then started doing batches of different steps before they all come together.  Cutting, punching, stamping, tying...geez.. Will get a picture of them later to post after the recipients get them.  Because they are a gift sort of for people i know and want them to be surprised.  some of them follow the blog :)
Took two days of concerted effort to finish and then write a letter for some people i don't see all the time. Then write the envelopes, stuff and stamp. DONE

And here is little Luci, she is sound asleep, took a couple pictures and she never did move, wonder if she dreams, seems they do at times when they are barking in their sleep or running.  What does she really have to be tired about?  Look, her little chin is getting white hairs, my little girl will be 5 on Dec 7th.
She is in her little bed between my chair and the wall.
Take Care all!!!  Stay warm! Know what it is like out there trying to stay warm  :)


  1. Our girls are 9 and 7 and Scooter (9) is really getting gray. I really do admire you doing all those beautiful cards.

  2. Yes.... they dream! At least that's what I've been told and read.

    I gave up doing cards years ago... drives me insane! You got lots of patience and good record keeping.... ;)

  3. Good for You! We usually do Photo cards, but havent taken the picture yet. Better get to it!

  4. That's a lot of work to go to for the cards. Good for you. I can't even get myself to address any anymore.

    Luci and I share a birthdate. Bet she's glad she's not as old as I am.

  5. Cute picture of Luci. I am sure dogs dream. All the twitching and yipping and legs running in the air - they gotta be chasing rabbits or something.