Saturday, December 3, 2011


 This is what it looked like as i left Redmond, Just a gorgeous day. Cold, but clear and crisp just as i like it. There was about a foot of snow up top of the mountain, but the pavement was essentially bare.  Just spots of ice here and there in the shade where there had been water.
 Then i got to Salem and met my Cousin Paula. We have not seen each other in probably 30 years, it is a sad statement of fact. Met for lunch in Salem and had a GREAT time, chat, catching up, talking about everyone we knew. What we remembered of our grandparents.  It was a fun time.  I look forward to many such meetings in the future and not let life interfere any longer!!!!
 Went to my friend Janmarie's house in McMinneville and we went to visit friend Nora in the area around Washington Square (huge mall) glad i was NOT going there as there were many cars and it looked like NO parking spaces.  We had a good chat with Nora and husband Ben. She gave me yarn and needles to start learning to knit, so i have to do that, so i can make my own dishrags and scarfs:) She has been my crochet mentor/guru...
 The leaves were still in the process of falling on some of the trees in McMinneville and had to stop and try to get some good pics of them. Don't know -they did not turn out exactly like i thought they looked like, they were just beautiful, could not figure out the type tree they were,  had little prickly pods on them also...
Hope u all had a good day as i did.  Loved seeing old, dear friends.
Take Care and God Bless


  1. Love that header photo of the Three Sisters. Snow sure looks pretty...too bad it's so darn cold!!

  2. That's how I like to see snow...from afar! :)

  3. Snow can be so beautiful - up on the top of the mountains and far away from me. I love that picture of the single leaf with the sun shining through it. Beautiful. Neat that you had a great day visiting. I love that so patient picture of Luci.