Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas from the Farm

 Got many beautifully wrapped packages. Visited with family and friends. Spent a cozy two nights in the RV, Everything worked wonderfully and was even able to produce a wonderful (so i am told) bunch of baked beans! Out of the RV!!!  Cut up apples and carrots for the horses. By the 3rd morning they were nickering their welcome to me when they saw me coming! :) I am sure i will be missed...
 Carl did NOT want to get out of bed.  The little booger. Son even lets him UNDER the covers, for heavens sake, one spoiled bulldog!
This was the view out the front door as the sun was beginning to set on Christmas Eve.
Heard coyote's howling in the middle of the night.  The wind came up and the RV was rocking, BUT not as bad as in Florida or Desert Hot Springs! Thanx be. And this morning it was actually balmy out there for a bit. Then turned cold again, think it is about 27 out there now or at last sighting.
All the festivities are about over.  The niece from California is coming in the next couple of days for a visit so will leave the tree up for a bit more. Like the lights in any case.
Oh, one of my brothers friends had to butcher one of the range cows, getting old i guess and they grind up the whole thing into hamburger, yumoooo, steaks and roasts in there, no additive of fat, actually by that age they are pretty lean. It is such good hamburger, no fat at all, have to add some evoo to the pan so it does not stick, got 20# in one # packages. Right place, right time , happy me.....
Take care all


  1. That ground beef was certainly a nice Christmas present. :)

  2. Carl looks so cute in that photo! Nice Christmas present, for sure. Glad the winds didn't cause you any damage. Happy New Year to you.

  3. Now how can you resist that face looking out at your from under the covers. Wow - fresh ground beef. There is nothing like it. Enjoy the rest of the year.

  4. I'm sure most dogs love snuggling under our covers. Carl is so scrunched up - he looks darling!

    Good going on the beef - what a nice score!