Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tree's Up!

 This is a cotton boll angel (is that the right word? boll?) that i got on Plantation Row by the Mississippi /river West of New Orleans, last year.  And a little ornament my mom made for me one year, counted cross stitch!
I always liked the bottom of the tree, used to get right under it, laying on my back and look up through the boughs :)  It is a little 4 ft fake tree, but suits my needs.... no room for a huge tree. and this is cheap, as i already had it!  It was fun getting out all the ornaments, have not had them out for two years.  Only have one more package coming from my computer on line shopping. So am doing pretty good.  House is clean, tree is up-bring on the good times!
Take Care and God Bless all, Have a Blessed' Christmas.


  1. I like you little angel and your cross stitch design.

  2. Nice tree - it's fun to bring out the ornaments from year to year, and remember the new ones that were forgotten. When I was little, I'd sit across the room and squint my eyes almost shut, and the lights would look so pretty.