Saturday, January 21, 2012

More Rust

 Just a normal Saturday, was supposed to go somewhere but the person i was to go with bagged on me, so i cleaned house!! That is always a GOOD thing. Put a pot of ham and beans on.  Went to visit a friend.  Have been looking at old magazines prior to recycling, reading and watching movies.
Did a load of towels and cleaning rags. So that is it. Dogs in and out. Life goes on.
Take Care all!!!


  1. Sometimes Ho-Hum days are just what you need to catch up, regroup, and relax. Enjoy your Sunday!!

  2. We like the "Old town" in your picture. Pray tell, where is it, what is it called? We have a great old town down here near Benson, called Gammons Gulch. Jay Gammons rescued a bunch of old buildings from all around the area, brought them together and has them set up and preserved. He also has a lot of old west artifacts, some of which he has loaned to movie studios. It's a free attraction, and Jay will take you on a personal tour when you drive up to his gate. He'll even give you a concert on a honkytonk piano and a banjo, while you sip a bottle of sarsparilla!

    1. U know it is just west of Redmond on the way to Sisters, but on private gated property. I stood outside the fence to take the pictures, would like to get in there and take some close-ups, but have never seen the gate open...

  3. I am with Jerry and Suzy...I like the old town pictures. Where is it? Are you still having problems with Blogger? I am finding Live Writer so much better.