Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Not Until..

Well, the doctor is going on vacation the 25th, and did not want to do abdominal surgery then leave town, considerate i think. So  the date is the 7th of Feb..  rather bummed as thought it would be sooner, that is 5 weeks away, but it gives me time to loose more, exercise more, get in better shape, and maybe take a potholder class that i wanted to do. So, it works for me. Spent the day getting all that set up and changing addresses that i had forgotten. You know you don't remember everything until you get one of letters in the mail that has been forwarded and lo' and behold it was rather important too! There are so many things u can do online, but geez they take passwords and secret questions that you hope u remember two months from now :) Then the phone kept breaking up, STILL have not gotten that air wave card from Sprint, going to have to go after them i guess... or change to another carrier. don't like change.
Well that's the day........ Hope you all got something accomplished, even if it was relaxing in the SUN!!! 
Oh and it was downright balmy here!!!!


  1. Sounds like you have a good plan for the time before your sugery.

  2. You have a good attitude, Loree!

  3. Was warm here in the valley too...more so yesterday than today. At least your doctor is thinking ahead and doesn't want to abandon you right after surgery. Keep us posted.