Thursday, January 5, 2012

Phoosing Shampoo!

The offensive shampoo bottle.... ---->>>>

Luci looks like i am going to hit her..... silly thing
JUST WANT TO KNOW...HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO LEARN SOMETHING? I have a bottle of special shampoo that keeps my white hair silver and not from turning yellow, it concaves in the middle and is upright, could not put it upside down to get the bottom  liquid towards the top so you don't have to shake it down to the spout based on the configuration of the lid.. Sort of has a rounded top, so it does not sit but totters. Has a small opening. So when i pick it up i tend to squish the sides to get the liquid to the top!  And now this is the third time i have done this.  It does NOT work!! The shampoo just creates, i don't know what, a vacuum? but it just phooses out the top at an alarming rate, all over the hand, arm, shower. At this rate the shampoo is not going to last very long.  AND there is NO way to get the shampoo BACK into the bottle once it is out! And it immediately mixes with the running shower water in any case and is right down the drain!!!
Here is hoping that this mornings incident is the last, a lesson has been learned on my part, squishing the bottle inwards DOES not work, well it does certainly get the shampoo to the top and i don't have to wait for it to slowly dribble to where it comes out the spout...... i guess time is saved, if not shampoo :)
Hope you all have a non-phoosy day!!


  1. Maybe you should save a hand soap dispenser and when it is empty, fill it with the shampoo....might work!!

  2. Well Loree, I use the same shampoo!! And I have for 3 or 4 bottles worth of use. I have never experienced the problems with phoosing that you have. In fact the shampoo works perfect - you may ask how I know that.....last night at work a family member of one of my patients was describing me to another nurse....she said 'the one with the grey hair' - you can only imagine my reaction....

  3. I know this is a problem for you Loree but your description and "phoosing" did make me laugh. Unfortunately I have no advice.

  4. Hahaaaa ... I'm with Sherry... no advice but I like the word phoosing...

  5. Hi. I know this isn't a very tidy solution but I've found a bowl just the right size to hold my shampoo and conditioner bottles up-side down all the time.

    All I need to do is gently squeeze out what I want with no more shaking.

    I cannot understand why stuff we use everyday is in user unfriendly packaging. Shampoo and conditioner are among the worst offenders. My shampoo won't run at all so not even phoosing for me, thank goodness.

  6. Phoosing - Phunny word ;-)

    I agree with Donna K - a dipherent dispenser might be more usephul ;-)

    Have Phun!


  7. This is a good laugh out loud moment to share across the miles.

  8. Try baking soda to keep the yellow out of your hair. There's a couple of different solutions on the web. My hair dresser told me about it. On the web, it says to use cider vinegar with it, but I just rinsed it quickly after shampooing.