Friday, March 30, 2012

Hunger Games

This picture was off Amazon, so don't think u can actually click on the picture and get anything :)
Went to the movie today & i enjoyed it, BUT liked the book better of course!! The book goes into the feelings of the main people: Katniss, Peeta & Gale. Which is really an important part of the story. Also the different districts and the kids that are the tributes. "Chohula Red" does a really good job of critiquing the movie.  They also used that herky-jerky type of filming which for me is so distracting & u can't really see or focus on anything in particular, which is frustrating, i mean, you came to SEE the movie, RIGHT?
I am into the 2nd book in the Trilogy and it is good too & has a BIG surprise. I was floored at what happens, did not even occur to me! Can't wait to see how it ends and what book three brings.
I DO love going to the movies and am going to have to do it more often. Am just right within  like 8 blocks of the theater in Redmond, so not like i have to drive 20 miles to Bend to see anything.
Take Care All!!!


  1. Haven't read the book but I'm sure I'd like the book better than the movie. I always do.

  2. I read the Hunger Games trilogy after reading about the books on my niece's blog. It's not my usual kind of reading, but I really enjoyed the books. I haven't seen the movie yet.

  3. Not something I would normally have read either, but I enjoyed all three books. Not sure if I will go to the movie but I might give it a try.