Saturday, April 21, 2012

Beautiful Day!!

 Friend Dee-Dee took me out for my birthday. We shopped and ate at Pastini's in the Old Mill District, had tuna & white bean salad, it was really good! Vinaigrette dressing.
LOTS of people out enjoying the day!!

 This is one of my favorite stores, REI. Get my Keen's there (footwear) It is built in the old powerhouse, those are the smokestacks sticking out of the roof and above with the flag atop!!  The flag gets all ragged in the Winter and there are always people distressed at this, BUT people need to wait until calm good weather as it is quite the trick getting up there to change it :)
Still have alot of my daffy's blooming that i put in last Fall, have to do alot more of them this Fall.  They look perky but are sort of sparse, here and there.
Take Care & God Bless and enjoy this wonderful/glorious weather, hope u all have some of it too!!!


  1. Well Happy Birthday to you! It was beautiful here in Pendleton too. No rain at all today, beautiful blue skies and temps in the 70s. PERFECT. I love daffodils, such a happy flower.

  2. It sounds like you had a very happy birthday, Loree! And now you have reached that milestone birthday. Beautiful day here in Vancouver, WA too.

  3. Happy Birthday! Glad you had a beautiful day to celebrate.