Sunday, April 1, 2012

A boy & his dog

 This is how they cuddle watching TV, then fall asleep..  as TV is obviously so exciting! Carl wants to be right on top of him. thank heavens he does not "care" for me that much!
Coming home from Madras today about 3p!!  SNOW and fog.  don't think it lasted long, but it was there. Cold out too!
Had to get the shoes on Bonnie Bounder as forget to do it when it was moved back to her resting spot after Xmas.  It is just filthy, needs so much work on it. Wash, wax, hope mice have not gotten in!!  she looks so forlorn, all by herself with only the horse trailer for company .
Went to another shower for the niece. She got much more things, I swear, so many clothes, she would never have to wash any, just use one set after another. Some very beautiful things!! People are very generous.


  1. Nice dog pillow! You've heard of pillow pets, haven't you? Maybe Carl is the model for them.

  2. That picture is priceless. Not the one with the fog and snow. lol

  3. Oh boy a Carl Blog! Even if it is only the back of his head. I think he's even bigger than I thought. Any idea how much he weighs? He sure does like his "boy".

    I'll bet your bounder is lonely. Hope the mice aren't keeping it company.

  4. Oh thats sweet. The doggie looks so soft and cuddly. A warm pillow. He sure does love his boy.

  5. I LOVE that picture of Carl and Brian! That's how Meesha likes to lay on me too when she wants to really snuggle with me on the couch. Thank goodness she isn't a big dog like Carl!!

  6. That Carl is a real snuggler, isn't he? How sweet. You got some nasty weather again, huh? No fun. We just enjoyed more rain yesterday, but today it's sunny! Love it.

  7. The couple that bought our Bounder last spring - Wayne and Bonnie. We refer to her as Bounder Bonnie.

    We loved our Bounder too.

    Carl is so cuddly.