Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Called today to get my hair cut. AND Cindi who did my Mom's hair and now does mine, also did my niece's, is no longer going to cut hair!!!  Now all who know me  know how well this goes over.  I HATE having to make changes like this. Doctors should never retire, people should never move away. Don't like having to get to know someone, trust someone with my hair... :(  I managed while on the road, asked  the people in the office of the parks, went to my friend in Iowa's hairdresser, even went to a SuperCuts, that was weird, cut was ok, BUT not like Cindi does.  She was not getting the customers she needed and got a job at the Garden Center at Fred Meyer. Starting this week-end.  Just like that, i am afloat in a world of unknown hairdressers...
I REALLY do wish her well, it is not like everything is just about me. Maybe i will just let it grow and grow, NO that would be too weird.
Take Care All & God Bless


  1. I know the feeling! When I moved from Estacada to Milwaukie a half hour drive, I wasn't about to change beauticians. There IS none like Nell. April 1st next year will be 20 years she has been cutting my hair.

  2. The only thing wrong about that post (or your feelings) is that it IS ALL ABOUT YOU!

    Hmmm . . I think you need more of a Princess attitude.

    Keep smilin'


  3. I'm lucky. I really don't care who cuts my hair as long as is its cut. I figure it will always grow out. And I really don't have very much hair to worry about. It's so thin.

  4. I'm with Sandie on this one, even down to the issue of thin hair. Great Clips is my place--no fuss, no muss!

  5. Loree, One of my former colleagues use to say...."you know the difference between a good and a bad haircut don't you?".....

    About a month !

  6. My sister, who is presently living in Langley B.C., will go all the way back to Ottawa so that "Murray" can do her hair. She has been going to Murray for more than 20 years. I'm not sure if that's nuts or dedication. And that's why I know it's Murray. Getting an appointment with him has been a topic of conversation on many, many visits.

    So you don't like change, eh?
    I suppose in light of my sister's antics, I "get" it.
    Why not see if she'll just do your hair on the weekends or something? Surely a little extra cash can't hurt. Just an idea.

  7. Well, I do know how you feel about this one, Loree. I don't know what I'd ever do if my "Janice" ever retires or wins the lottery. I've been going to her ever since she got her beautician's license, something like 35 years ago!! NO ONE could dye and cut my hair like she does!!

  8. I dont' have to worry about finding a beautician wherever we are. I use the flowbee and have David cut it. Works fine although I find the older I get the less it matters to me. Wonder if that's a good thing, or a bad thing??