Saturday, May 26, 2012


 The pic above is my background right now. My Mom loved those red hot pokers!!
Our toes in the sand. Probably only time i will get Janmarie ON the beach & we got to drive right down onto the beach too. No walking :) She is a more sit in the room and gaze out upon the waters. Where i like to get down & dirty, but will have to do that by myself.
Here we are. 1st picture i took that sign was coming out of her head, this shot it is coming out of my head, GEEZ!!
Checked on Luci 'n she was hiding in the doghouse but had 4 little friends in there with her. BUT she was getting along good, so that is a good thing.
Went shopping at the outlet mall and got a couple of good things/buys in clothing.
Take Care all....


  1. I love red hot pokers too!

    Those sandals look painful to wear. :P

  2. That header picture is so cool. I never look at the background when I take a picture and I often end up with things poking out where they shouldn't be.

  3. That sign is only half in your head, Loree. If you get to the doctor right away, they should be able to get it out o.k. Hope you're enjoying your holiday weekend, other than that.

  4. Hey, that sign sticking out of your head just proves that you were actually there and photo-shopped into the picture. Sounds like you are having a great time at the beach!

  5. Mymom loved red hot pokers, too! I remember them around the yard when I was a kid! I have tried to grow them myself, not sure what happens, but I even manage to kill perennials! It's a gift! LOL!