Monday, May 21, 2012


These trees are at a little farm in the next block. One of the nice things about the neighborhood, is that it is a neighborhood, but also just down the block is not really developed yet and has some little farmettes, no sidewalks, narrow one lane street, it is like walking in the country at times.  A block over there are a couple of houses that are abandoned. And 3 large undeveloped lots. Even a dirt road connecting two blocks, which the dogs are over eager to walk along!
Hey does anyone know what the tree is in my prior post that has the red blooms on it and maple like leaves.  I call it a Hawthorne tree as they had them in front of Hawthorne Grade School that Brian went to in Pendleton when we lived there for 6 months in 1978. Which can't really be right. right?
Memorial Day weekend is coming up FAST.  I am going to Lincoln City with my McMinnville friend & her neighbor. Leave Thursday.  That should be fun &  something different. Dropped the laptop on my left foot yesterday, you should see my toes now!!  Going to be black i am sure! AND Wednesday going to foot doctor to try to get my old broken toe on right foot fixed. Maybe i won't be able to walk!!  Hope i can drive.
Going to stop Thursday and see my cousin too!!
Take Care All, Drive Careful!!


  1. Are those trees aspens? They look beautiful. Your "neighborhood" sounds really very nice. You have a busy time set up for yourself for a girl who has toes with troubles. :-)

  2. Well, all those foot injuries aren't good. You have to be well in order to walk on the beach. Check out that store I mentioned, CJ Banks, that's supposed to be at the outlet mall. Is your laptop okay? I'm guessing that your foot cushioned it! ;)

  3. I would think today's pics are Birch trees. Maybe postpone the doctor visit until you get back from your weekend trip.

  4. They are aspen, there aren't any birch this side of the Cascades and those look native.