Sunday, May 27, 2012

Waves, Steps & Rocks

 LOVE sitting & taking pictures of waves.  Will i ever get the perfect one?
AND this house? Don't think i would really care to go & down those stairs everytime i wanted a walk on the beach!! Nice house tho, wonder if they think they are protected from erosion by being up so high?  Good view tho!!
 Forgot to memorize which rocks these are, 'think' it is the Siletz River but not sure!! Always trying to get the perfect picture of them too.  This is at the south end of Lincoln City.
Went to get Luci today, to go for a walk & little drive. She was beyond excited, crying/whining/barking to tell me what for & THIS was NOT acceptable.  I agree, it is not! Can't wait to get her back for good tomorrow morning!!  Take Care All!!


  1. You are after waves and I'm always trying to get a good one of clouds. And I would never get to the beach if I had to negotiate those steps. I am so glad you get Luci back tomorrow. I feel bad for both of you.

  2. I would finally get down all those steps to the beach and then realize that I had to go back up to use the bathroom! ;)

  3. We should share wave pictures. I've got a zillion. Must be some very young people living in that house. And slim too from all that stair climbing.