Monday, June 11, 2012

The Beach

 I have been gone to the BEACH since 6-5 and for the life of me could not figure out how to find any WiFi.  And did not much have the inclination either, no tv either.  It has been a lovely week!!
We had a great drive over the Santiam, again.  I do dearly LOVE that drive, much greener than the Hood drive.

 AND yes!!!  It was snowing on top again..  lots.. Stopped at Lost Lake for a potty break and these geese were swimming in single file across a portion, it was a lovely sight! As was the snow, really..
This is friend (my Mom's good friend, and mine too) Nora and Ben.  It is their house that i go to stay at in Garabaldi.  The beach house.
We walked on the beach and sat on the jetty and watched waves and boats. Got salt water taffy & smoked salmon for friends. Took naps, watched a couple movies and read alot.  It was very relaxing.
I am now thrown back into the fray, trying to get mail and bills taken care of...  :(
Take Care All


  1. This sounds like a wonderful week. A really good respite. Very nice picture of your friends. I'll bet they'd love to have a copy of it. Did Luci go? I suppose Carl stayed home with Brian :-))

  2. Sure hope the snow is over with now. It's sure been nice the last couple of days. Glad you had a relaxing time on the beach.

  3. A week away - sometimes that is such a perfect gift to give yourself. But I hate not having my internet. I can do without TV but the internet - not so much.

  4. Wow snow there and 90 degree temps here in Michigan....crazy. Isn't it nice to just relax?