Sunday, June 17, 2012

Last Day

 This was the last day at the beach and we went to Cape Meares.  Always have to go there to see if the agates are coming in, found quite a few of them, but not like on some trips!!!  This is a place u really have to plan for as there are NO bathrooms and it is WAY at the end of the road!!!
 To use a potty u have to go UP to the lighthouse area on a terribly winding, rough road.
But once there you have the Octopus Tree and viewing platforms to see the nesting birds, if you have big enough scope. Sometimes there are sea lions down there too, but not this time.
 This is a short lighthouse, BUT it sits on a huge cliff!!! Can be seen many, many miles out to sea.

There were lots of wild flowers.
At Cape Meares there used to be a little village, Bay Ocean, but the sea was starting to reclaim it, so it was evacuated and closed down, buildings removed in the 60' s i believe.  I remember Dad taking us out there to see some of the big houses, tennis courts, there was a sleepy little town, with a store and Tavern. On the West side of the Tillamook Bay.
Now u can go and walk forever on the beach as long as the kidneys hold out :) Lots of uninterrupted shelling and wave watching.  You can see we had a GREAT day, weatherwise. Could not have been better.


  1. Gals, I was there about this time of year in 2010, and it was wonderful. Had a grand time, with Jack, roaming the beaches. Two of my kids and two of my grandchildren flew out, and they were able to see it, too.

    When we were there, vandals had shot out some of the original glass in the lighthouse. Aside for cost, the lighthouse, because of a few foolish people, lost something that can never be replaced. I think it's the cutest little lighthouse on the coast. If you have time the next time you're over that way, go to Pacific City, on a weekend if possible, and watch the dory boats fly on and off the sand, and the kids slide down the huge dune. Great restaurant right there, too--Pelican Brewery.

  2. We loved the Cape Meares area. We saw so much beauty! Glad you had a wonderful day.

  3. Love all your photos today, especially the first one. That's a great picture. You look so happy. Glad you enjoyed your time at the coast.

  4. Oh this looks and sounds like my kind of place. I have great kidneys so thanks for the post. Onto my list it goes. IF I ever get out of Florida that is. Sure would like to be where you are for the summer.