Thursday, June 21, 2012

More Beach Pictures

 Saw this rhodie every day on the way to BarView and finally stopped to take a picture. It was a  HUGE bush/tree. Liked the dark inside the white/white.
This is the old Coast Guard boat house in Tillamook Bay in Garibaldi. You can rent crab pots and go crabbing there. I liked the different layers of colors in the picture.
Today i finished my sewing projects with two covers for foam pillows, cutting some selvage off of a pretty piece of fleece.
Today at 4:58p my baby boy turns 42!!  where oh where does the time go?  All our plans and good intentions. Life/time just slowly (or more recently, rapidly) goes forward, seconds  make minutes, make hours, days,  weeks, months, and finally years.  Love remains thru it inexorably as day turns to night.
Take Care and God Bless All................


  1. Yours is 42 and mine just turned 26. Can you tell which one of us started really late in life?

  2. My eldest will turn 52 in July. Can you tell which one of us started really marlin in life? LOL

    Before I read anything, I recognized the picture and knew you were in Garibaldi. Jack and I enjoyed roaming around the water and docks. In fact, I have a similar picture on my blog--not quite as good, however.

  3. Dargone this auto correct thing! Not "really marlin" - "really early"!

  4. Gorgeous pictures both! Happy Mother's Day. The day you became a mother!

  5. Loree, I enjoy seeing all of your pictures, but especially that one of the old Coast Guard boat house at Garibaldi. I don't think I've ever seen that view.

    Happy birthday to your son!

  6. We missed the Coast Guard boat house. Looks really cool.

    Please pass on a big Happy birthday to your son.