Monday, June 18, 2012


Going thru my closet and dressers, have so far, and i am not done, 4 huge boxes of clothes that no longer fit!!  It is sad.  I get attached to my clothes, but they should not be so important to me. :) They served me well, some are more loved that others, some i wore only once!! Or maybe not at all. Have a whole bunch of knit tops that someone told me i did not look good in, so that was the death knell for them. Have a bunch of flannel nighties that Mom made for me, and think i am going to cut them up and use in some sort of a quilt. Can't bear to get rid of anything she made me.
So, it has been a day of nostalgia and letting go, just let it go.... AND i have LOTS of room in the closet and the dressers!!!
Oh, the face is calming down and healing, it DOES look different, amazing..
Take Care & God Bless


  1. It is amazing how many clothes we can accumulate. Our rule since we live in our MH something...throw something away or give it away. We give just everything to Habitat or Goodwill.
    Great idea about the quilt. Our mom lives on!

  2. I had a lot of clothes I didn't want to part with when we first started Rving. Then it got to the point where I was getting rid of things at just about every stop we made. Finally I went through everything and said enough is enough. Like your idea for a quilt out of the nightgowns.

  3. Must make you feel great clothes that are too big. I have a couple of quilts my grandmother made out of the family's old clothes. My mother could tell me which ones were her dresses. Great idea about the quilt.

    Did the dark spots on your face go away and you have glowing skin all one color now??

  4. Oh, I know that feeling! I hung on to clothes I loved that were 97 sizes too small forever THEN went through all the various ... sizes and well...

    now I have stuff that will allow my bakery binge then back to eating right and so on... SIGH