Thursday, July 19, 2012

Miss Effie's

 Nana Loree with the children, Guthrie and Laithe
 This was a lovely day, was a little bit hot, but dressed accordingly and managed to survive!!

 Went to Miss Effie's with Darah, Carol & children, they got a bit hot.. Not a good pic of the kids but was a good one of friend Carol & daughter Darah!!
 Went there to get eggs, some of the chickens had naked butts as others of them pecked at them, which apparently is normal, i thought it sad..
 They had beautiful flowers and people were going there also to pick bouquets of flowers.
They also had a tree where they had hung teacups, which was pretty neat to see.
Fun day with my peeps & kidlets....
Take Care and God Bless

At the end of the book, "The Innocent" by David Baldacci... 'You had to take life as it came. It gave no quarter, spared no feelings.  Limited no pain. Put no ceiling on happiness.'


  1. I raised chickens for years and if they are pecking at each other like that their quarters are too small, they are too confined.

    GREAT picture of you Nana Loree and the wee ones.

  2. Happy to see you enjoying yourself so much after your long trip. You are sure one intrepid traveler! How's Luci doing?

  3. Great pictures and great quote, Loree.

  4. That sure does look like a small space for a lot of chickens. The teacup tree sounds like a unique idea. Pretty picture but is there a purpose for hanging the teacups from the tree or is it just decorative?

  5. Loree, that is a great picture of you and the kids! I miss them so much :( And you look AMAZING!! Can really notice your weight loss a lot!! Have fun with my sis and the the kids!

  6. Love the pic of you and the kids. You are really looking good. Do they have to "pick" all the teacups if a storm is coming through? Cute idea, but not sure it would work here with storms every afternoon.

  7. What great pictures of you and your babies! love this...

    I also love the Mississippi River... I'm just now getting caught up with blogs ...

    That ol river has been part of my life forever! ;)