Sunday, July 22, 2012


 Yesterday took myself up to the benches that overlook the Mississippi.  This guy was just leaving one of the houses, cool car!!  Anyone know what it is??
 There were some lovely lilies planted up there.
 This is friend Carol's little Carriage House
This is Harry the CAT, quickly becoming Luci's friend. Altho.... he is a tease. Does not hiss and spit anymore, BUT he does jump up to a height where he can not be disturbed :) much to Luci's chagrin, then she prances around barking and whining as he won't come down and is just beyond her reach!!!  It is so disappointing to have such short legs, at times....
Take Care All.....


  1. I can empathize with Lucy's short legs. :) I know birds, not cars. Sorry.

  2. That old car looks sorta like a 1938 Ford, but I'm not certain. Sure is in good shape.

  3. Love that photo of Harry the cat. What an attitude!!