Friday, August 3, 2012

Abject Apology

Yesterday i made a HUGE faux pax (hope that is how to spell that, spell check was NO help)  in that i said Carol ate her pastie right down.  This was NOT so! The pastie is huge, it took her at least 4 hours to finish it!!!  It was NOT like she sat down and just ate it all right now, they are VERY filling.  I in no way intentionally or otherwise intended it to be known that she eats more than i either.....  I had gastric bypass, my stomach is now the size of an EGG!! It holds hardly anything at any one time, so it takes me a long time to get down jello :)  let alone something on this order. And i may eat 6 small meals a day.
This does not in any way negate her or the way she eats!!!! I would never make comment on anything like that, don't know what i was thinking let alone trying to impart to anyone, let alone the world in general by putting anything like this on the blog. So, so sorry i said anything at all about how anyone eats or when :)

Carol is a wonderful, fun, loving, sweet, smart person with whom i LOVE to spend time,  (We have known each other for nigh on to  35 years, she is the bestest friend ever.)  LOTS of time and hope to be invited back to Iowa in many years to come.  And love her very much.  I would never disparage her or her actions in any shape or form.
(whew, i hope that helps and does not make things worse)

We are back in Davenport, Luci was beside herself with joy, is like a two year old that will not let us out of her sight.  It is so rewarding to have something love you that much and i her too!!!!

Take Care and God Bless All


  1. First of all I had to look up the word abject to be certain I knew what Loree was referring to and the example it gave was....… the time would come that no human being should be humiliated or be made abject.... and then of course I had to look up the definition of backpedal - to retreat..... I believe that eating pasties will never be quite the same :-)

  2. I read that comment to mean that she just thoroughly enjoyed her pastie. But I think it is a wonderful apology and hope that Carol does forgive you for your faux pax.

  3. I took the remark to be that the pasties were delicious. Sounds like you were in trouble for the remark, but I doubt any of your readers took it that way. I hope your apology was accepted. It sounds like you guys have a great friendship. :)

  4. I'ditto' everyone above me...could not think of any better way to say it.
    Friends forgive lil imperfections in us, shucks can't remember the quote, so time for me to hush, 'fore I say somethin wong. ((huggs)) to you both.

  5. I take the blame.....I should have suggested you ladies split one!! I read you blog, and I knew what you meant. But how nice of you to not want to offend Carol, she sounds like a wonderful friend, that you need to hold on to.

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  7. To Loree and Carol--may the two of you be best friends forever. I believe the young people call that BFF!