Friday, August 24, 2012

Our Walk

 This is Carol's little house, the 'carriage' house. Laundry is downstairs.  "the guys" who own the property keep their riding lawnmowers in the basement. Note in the back the grass is really getting brown. (well, looking at these pictures it does not look really all that brown, but it is getting crispy to walk on!!)Was on the news today that today was the 40th day of 90 degree weather this year.
 The trees are huge!!

Here is sweet Luci.. She is fine as frog's hair  :) and loves going for a walk back here.  At times i let her loose and she can just run and run... it is not all enclosed tho' so we have to be ever diligent.
Take Care All


  1. That looks like a wonderful place for Luci to wander. Our Skitz decided to visit the neighbor today - something she never does. Saw a couple of doxie pups today at the ice cream store. So cute.

  2. Cute little place! Lots of lawn and trees for comfort and grand entertaining!

    You may be counting days over 90 degrees, we're counting days over 100, and we probably have as high a total as you do. But that's life in the desert with no lawn and few trees. We love it.

  3. I love her house and yard! You sure have been having fun lately. :)