Saturday, August 11, 2012

State of the "Corn"

 There's been alot said about the corn in the Mid West. So we stopped by one field we saw near Atalissa, Iowa which is South of I-80 between Davenport and Iowa City.
 Now not all of the fields look this bad, some look from the outside down right OK, but this is about as bad as we saw, but not the worst we saw.  There were some fields that had NO green on them at all!!

 I can't see where any amount of rain at this point is going to do any good. This is what the cobs looked like. There was one that was all dessicated, but thought that was probably a cob that someone had already pulled all the covering and silk off of and left to dry in the open air. Not really fair to use that one as an example, altho it did not have much of a cob to it and was pretty skinny.  The soil is all dried & dusty, no moisture in it.  Rivers we passed, the Cedar River and Iowa River were shadows of their former selves, with lots of sandbars and pools, not alot of freely flowing water.
 More of a close-up
More of the stalks and soil underneath.  Some fields had already been cut half way down.  It all looked pretty pathetic to me.  Can't imagine being a farmer and going out every morning to see the same, slowing dying sight every day.  What must they feel?
What are we going to feel in the long ranging monetary affect on many goods & products we use that are corn based???
Take Care ALL..say a small prayer for the farmers and their families...
(When i first got here the soybean fields looked pretty good, but some of them are starting to turn crispy and dried out here and there)


  1. Oh my Loree this is so sad. Family farmers have a hard enough time without this weather chaos. I fear we have created these problems and aren't doing what we need to do to stop all of this extreme weather if we even can now.

  2. Sadly, the corn does not look a bit better than it did a few weeks ago, when we were there:(

  3. I don't think rain at this point is going to save those crops. It really is scary to think about how much our food is going to cost us.

  4. Not trying to make light of the situation, because it is dreadful. However, our good Mother Earth has been through cycles like this and worse. There have been ice ages, heat cycles, lots of rain, no rain. However, in those "good old days" there weren't a lot of us humans around depending on what we think of as great weather for agriculture. There also weren't a lot of us humans around burning coal and oil and crowding big cities and slaughtering our own countrymen just to hold onto power a little longer. It's easy to say "This too will pass," but it's tough to figure out what we are going to do in the meantime.

  5. So sad about the crops, farmers, etc. But that corn reminds me of that creepy movie Children of the Corn!