Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Breakfast Out

 We were invited to the kidlets house for breakfast, green smoothies (earthy & interesting) watermelon & strawberry/choco chip muffins (yummy) Guthrie set the table, doesn't it look nice?
 We had a good time and i am going to have to investigate those smoothies!!
 Then we went to the Putnam Museum, whose main exhibit was dinosaurs!!!  You can tell there was some trepidation, not wanting to get too close.  Well, they roared and moved!!!
 There was also a hands on display for service employees with a mock up of a fire engine and police car. Even had some clothes they could put on, hats, boots, shirts. Buttons on the vehicles made the lights flash and sirens go off, that was a fun thing to do!
This little one LOVES ALL kinds of trucks and was in 7th heaven over this display. Altho, have to give it to him, he was interested in everything, even the samurai suit in the Japanese place & sarcophagus in the Egyptian display!! They even had a display of undersea sea anemones that was completely crocheted!!!! AND it was huge!
It was a great little museum, we had a very good morning!!
Take Care All


  1. What a wonderful place to share with the little ones!!! Looks like fun was had by all.

  2. You can just see the trepidation standing in front of that dinosaur display! How sweet kids can be.

  3. What fun! are they precious, or what!?

  4. What fun! are they precious, or what!?

  5. They're so precious it took two... two clicks to publish said ... comment about their preciousness...