Saturday, September 22, 2012

Another Movie!!

 Haven't gone to the movies in forever.  THIS is a very good show, but then you can very rarely go wrong with Clint Eastwood!! Hope u are all fans! This was a bit over my head in talking about baseball, of which i know barely anything!  It seems like loooong stretches of total boredom, interspersed with tiny specks if overall excitement. But it is a very good relationship movie, father/daughter/misconceptions/what a person wants out of life. Clint knows how to play an old curmudgeon.
The dogs are in/out, in/out tonight, what is wrong with them?  The smoke was particularly awful in parts of Bend today.
Tonight friend Tanya and i went to the High Desert Museum to see owls !  It was soooo cool, we went out at dusk and the presenter played a recording or a Great Horned Owl hooting, and a wild one flew in/checked us out and hooted back, it was SO neat to be a part of!!!
Below we are waiting for the show to start....

Pansies in flowering pots at the Old Mill Dist in Bend.. They were especially beautiful on this glorious Fall day.
Take Care All & God Bless


  1. Haven't been to the High Desert Museum in years but it is a great place. Glad you got to go and enjoy the show.

  2. An owl Show? How great! Gotta get back to Bend one of these years -- maybe next year. We'll be halfway there by the time we get to Carson City, so why not???

  3. I want to see that movie, too! I've seen Clint Eastwood on all the talk shows talking about it.

    When I was at work, we had an internet site on all the time that had a camera on an owl box with a mom and dad, then eggs, then they hatched - all the way to the babies growing up and leaving the nest. It was really cool.

  4. Another great picture of you and your friend. Made me smile looking at you two having fun together.

    The Owl call sounds like a really terrific thing to do. I'd have loved that.