Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I am still in the throes of an afghan, ran out of yarn and had to go to Wal-Mart and get more "Aran"
Went to the 'farm' in Madras today. Visited Bonnie Bounder, cleaned & cleaned & cleaned, Brother and SIL helped. We moved it up by the road, will slap a 4 sale sign on it and see if anything happens, and if it does not am going to have  to plan some trips to get some use out of it. Not good to just have it sitting there, in the field, getting older & older.  But it looks really GOOD inside now. Roomy!!!  Took all the personal, comfortable things out of it, so it looks roomy but i have to figure out where to put all of this new stuff.
Today was a clear, clear day too!!  You could see the mountains.  Think most of the Pole Creek fire near Sisters is out and the smokey haze is mostly gone.  This is Mt Jefferson near Culver.
Later on in the afternoon Luci started feeling a bit better!!  She was all perky and bouncy, tried to get the new kitty, which kitty was having nothing to do with!!!  Tonight she is dragging butt again so gave her another pain pill.... she is now relaxing   :)
Take Care All & safe travels, i know many of you are on your Winter sojourn to new, warm, exciting Southern climes!!!!


  1. Glad to hear that Luci is feeling better. When you say "dragging butt" do you mean that literally? If so, it could be that her anal glands are full or infected. I have a feeling you meant "dragging butt" as in tired from the activity. So happy for you.

    The farm is beautiful--you pictures are great.

  2. Good luck with selling the rig! Of course, now since you have it all clean and shining, it could be fun to take a little trip:)

  3. Happy to hear Luci was feeling better. It's a start for sure.

    I guess I missed something about your selling Bonnie. Are going to look for something smaller or are you done. You did a few really fun trips. I sold my class c in April but I am looking for something smaller in the way of a van. Just got all that stuff put away yesterday. I left 2 days after selling it so it was all piled in the front bedroom.

  4. So happy to hear Luci is doing better. Keeping them quiet while they heal is the hard part. Good luck with selling the rig. Somebody will be lucky to get her.

  5. I'm glad to hear that Luci is better. Our vet told us that keeping them quiet for at least 3-4 weeks was extremely important or he could injure himself worse and end up needing spinal surgery and then that may not work and he would be paralyzed for life. I know all dachshunds are different and maybe Luci wasn't as severely hurt. I KNOW keeping them quiet is the HARD part. The pills make them feel better and they are ready to go. Good luck to you and I hope Luci makes a full recovery.