Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Catch Up

 The other day i made a lovely bread pudding with dried apricots & raisins, it went over big in this house!
 The leaves are turning all about town, this was in Bend Today....
 I love the light and colors this time of year.  I know to some it just looks like dead or dying, but i think it glorious...
The beginnings of a new afghan, have to have something to do, to look forward to. This is a mile-a-minute, but don't know where the minute comes in as it takes forever to get the thing started, chain 250!!! then go around the end and crochet in the free loops only of the beginning chain, don't know how i ever figured all of this out, but i know what they are talking about, and if not, they have overall directions in the beginning of the book!!!  Getting gifties ready for Xmas....
Today went to Bend and got help from friend Linda in how to operate my die cut machine.  Made a horrid error a couple weeks ago, where i used plates from my old, hand crank die cut machine and the new improved, electric machine affixed the die to the plate!!  Right into the plate, could not get them separated!!! Linda's husband was able to pry it off & JoAnn's replaced the ruined die, nice of them, for MY error.  But i have been afraid to use the stupid, new machine....Linda helped me overcome this inadequacy on my part and i am up and going on the die cutting again.  Just be sure to use the correct materials for the correct machine, they must be tempered for each other or something, geez, one would think you could interchange them, silly me, of course not!!!  They want you to buy all new equipment, don't you know!!!??  It was a fun day and i made 6 cards!!!!
Take Care All, Safe Travels & God Bless


  1. oh, wow... bread pudding WHAT a thing to see when I open your blog and I'm trying to quit pie. rats

    Beautiful colors

  2. Wow, you've been a busy gal!! Love the oak leaf photo!!!

  3. Don't consider that an "inadequacy" on your part! You are doing something new, actually doing something, and that often just takes a little experience. And what makes up experience? Mistakes. That was a simple mistake and you've gained some experience. Good for you!

  4. I also love fall and I am so happy to have experienced it in its full glory this year.
    I have been reading your blog since I found it the other day. I am almost caught up. LOL
    You taken some great trips and I love your new home.

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. That bread pudding looks delicious - you are taking some fab photos! Some day I want to knit, or maybe crochet. It's on my bucket list.

    I bought a couple of die-cut machines for card making, but never really used them much. The machines and all the things that go with them - all that stuff went in my estate sale. What a $$$ loss!

    I hope you will post some photos of your cards, I still love seeing what other people are doing. Now I only make cards using digital scrapbook graphics.

  6. Boy oh boy, do I ever love bread pudding! That looks so yummy, I would not know when to quit!! Love your photos, Loree!