Sunday, November 11, 2012

Happy Veteran's Day

 This morning at 11am was the annual Veteran's Day Parade.  It was a good thing. Redmond puts out flags on the main thoroughfare in town, which is 6th street.  There are hundreds of flags,  all the way thru town and out  hwy 126 towards Sisters
We have two high school's this year AND both band's were represented. The Raven Band from Ridgeview High School was the largest and i felt the best sounding, lots of verve!!! Redmond always had a GREAT marching band, used to be in the Rose Parade (1st week end in June in Portland, a BIG deal in the Portland area and for Oregon) every year.  It was great seeing them! Knowing that has not gone by the wayside in school cuts. Such an important avenue for expression for young kids, the Arts!!!
 They are SO proud and well they should be!!  Thank you so.............
Wonder if these are the same guys in front of all of our parades, noticed people stood up as they went by and there was much clapping....  So good to hear....
 A portion of the flags in the City Center Park.  I think we are designated as a Flag City.. I know we are a tree city too!!!

 The 'old' High School band... Redmond Panthers
 The 'new' high school band..... Raven Band of Ridgeview Ravens

This is the honor guard for fallen veterans and have ridden and lined roadways at funerals from the recent war on terror.....
They also do the Ride for Toys at Christmas...

 Where do they find these trucks???
The mounted Sheriff's Posse was also there.. They ride in most all of our local parades,  4th of July and the County Fair, which is a HUGE parade....
Take Care All and God Bless ALL our troops, in service and out


  1. Nothing like a good old hometown parade to fire up patriotism. I can almost hear the band playing.

  2. I love home town parades. My son and his cousin marched in their HS band in Grand Coulee, WA. Some of the towns they marched in were so small they would march up one side the street, turn around and march down the other.. They will always have the great memories.

  3. I love parades. Especially the kind with lots of bands and fire trucks and horses. They can skip the politicians in cars. Hope you didn't have any of those.

  4. Very nice parade! I love seeing all the different groups that come out to participate, oh yes, and the bands!