Sunday, December 16, 2012

Another Movie Review?

Went to see "The Hobbit"...hmmmmm what to say.  It started out really good, I had just watched the Brian Williams special that a part of it was 'the making of" which was interesting. Makes me want to go to New Zealand :)  But most of the movie is the main 14 characters fleeing from a series of unspeakably horrific, icky looking dudes/animals.  Dark, dirty, snotty, amputated limbs flailing thru space. And i couldn't understand the little, mostly naked guy with the big eyes, so that whole sequence was rather lost on me, except for The Hobbit ending up with 'the ring' which ends up having special powers.  The scenery was beyond beautiful, which you then wonder which is 'real' and which put together for the movie.... who is to say :)
I think it was just not what i really care for, and i was rather exhausted when it was finished.
But someone should get an award for makeup and costumes!!!!!
Take Care All
My neighbors came over today for a little visit and to bring a little gifty, wasn't that nice???

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  1. Hi from New Zealand. I believe the scenery is real. The little village of homes in the bank. Hobbiton, was on the farm next to my father's back when I got married. The local town of Matamata is making the most of all the publicity and enthusiasm for the films.

    I dislike the series of movies Peter Jackson has made and the horribleness sounds just like where he began as a very young man making amateur horror movies.

    Some love them others hate them but you cannot deny his artistic and managerial skills. Weta Workshops, who did much of the weird stuff, are amazing.

    As for visiting New Zealand .... I think we live in a beautiful country. It's made up of two small islands and a third smaller one and lots of tiny islands. We compare the land mass with Colorado which is approximately the same sq miles.

    When I compare New Zealand with United States I think about the difference between a dolls house and a many roomed mansion or palace. I have been brought to tears by our scenery and drive are always different as the views change constantly.

    We come to North America to experience the vast space and an infrastructure that is only possible with a large population.

    We would find it easy to live in North America but there's no place like home.