Saturday, December 8, 2012

My Babies

Well, this took some doing to get the picture to where i could get it on my blog,  cropped in Picasa but was not coming over to 'my pictures' BUT i did it! Whahoo.. Maybe i am figuring this out.  But can't seem to figure the red eye thingy.
Carl loves his little taco bed... in front of the stove. Luci wants in there too.  She had been standing over by him and whinning, made him sit up but NOT get out. She came to my lap, then he laid down.  All were happy..
Decorated for Xmas today... Even bought a fresh tree!!  AND managed to get it in the stand, which is always a feat in and of itself. Man i have ALOT of decorations,  did not use even a small portion of them... Just don't feel the need.  Have some special ones on the tree, plus birds that i have picked up here and there. Seem to gravitate towards a tree.... Have my little Nativity that a friend made for me years ago.. just really special things is all.... (well, reading back over this, all the decorations are special or i wouldn't have them, but you know what i mean, i am sure)
Well guess i better go eat something and shower, sort of behind in those things to do this morning.
Take Care All & God Bless


  1. Enjoy your favorite things!! I love getting the Christmas stuff out, I only keep what I love!!!

  2. Too funny. I'm surprised Carl is brave enough to stand his ground. Doxies are awfully pushy and stubborn. But your lap works better than any old bed.

    I have the nativity set that my mother made many, many years ago and it's set up on the table. No place else to put it.

  3. I was hoping when I read the title that Luci and Carl would be the stars. Carl should ask Santa for one of those big beanbag beds so he can share it with Luci.

  4. That's a great picture of your little doggies. I think it's so cute when they love their beds. Katie loves to curl up in hers, too.

    I'll bet your house smells very Christmasy with the fresh tree. I love that.

  5. Glad to hear Luci is doing very well.