Monday, December 10, 2012

Special Santa

This is Santa that my Mom made for Brian when he was two!!!  SO  the Santa is 40 years old now..... he has a little corduroy vest and a plaid shirt with itsy-bitsy buttons.  He has a jolly tummy.  Velvet boots.  I remember she had a horrid time pulling the angora beard through. The beard is getting a little worse for wear, but it fluffs out over time :)  He has sat under our tree every year.  He is very special.
And i made the angel. Took a day off work, special to go to Sisters to take the class from Jean Wells, owner of the Stitchin' Post (anyone who quilts more than likely know her, originator of the Sisters Quilt Show, know around the world :)  Everything i make looks like a hippy made it,  did not turn out elegant at all like some of the angels did...oh, well.... That was back in the 80's....  geez time goes by....
Take Care All & God Bless.... Have a Merry!!!!!!


  1. I think Santa has fared very well over 40 years.

  2. And how do you keep Luci from thinking they are new toys for her? I love the hippy angel.

  3. Those are two treasures that bring back lots of memories, year after year.

  4. What amazing shape Santa is in for being that old.