Sunday, January 6, 2013

Back Home!!

 This is Detroit Lake above.  No water in it!!  The river (Santiam) just runs thru it.
----> is just beyond/above Downing Creek Now not many will know where this is, BUT we spent a night camping there in the 50's and for some reason all of us kids remember it.  Probably due to the picture taken there of Dad and us 3 kids with brother Jerry in pee stained pants..  hee-hee, we had to show ALL of his girl-friends that picture..
It was really bare road all the way over, except right on top where the snow pack was breaking apart.. but no probs.  Weather Channel said it was going to snow tomorrow and next break was going to be Thursday and did not want to stay anywhere that long, so here i am.. on the computer, after emptying out the car and watching 50 million re-runs of Honey Boo-Boo.  Want to know what everyone is talking about.  It is weird.  just a 'normal' dysfunctional family...

 By Lost Lake
Black Butte in the background, and i should NOT have been taking this picture!!! Snowy, on a curve....But no pull outs....
Not much snow in the trees and things were really melting..  dirty snow....
Take Care all


  1. Sure seems to be a lot of snow this year. Be careful driving out there.

  2. Glad you're home safe and sound. Wow, I've never seen Detroit Lake that low before. Love the snow pictures, but sure don't like driving those roads this time of year. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I do know where Detroit Lake is, but not Downing Creek. I didn't know that Detroit ever dried up. Stay cozy, Loree. I enjoyed your beach pictures!

  4. Gorgeous photos. Enjoy the solitude of the season!! Let's see a couple of photos of the newly fallen snow!!

  5. The pictures of the mist over the snow covered trees is breath taking. Beautiful pictures all around.