Friday, January 25, 2013


If there are any guys reading want to stop reading at this point!!

Just had to tell you all about this as Brian is NOT interested AT ALL in hearing about my experiences today! Which is very normal, thank heavens, but have to tell someone..  :) That does not make this a rant, rather a sharing...:) of a stressful situation....

Today was THE day..decided to get myself down to Macy's (had to go to Macy's as i have downgraded?? out of Lane Bryant, i no longer fit into their bras,  i am too little  :)   and get fitted for a bra!  Yes, that is right.  I have NO idea what size i wear.. After loosing all of this weight i needed help. I had gotten some new ones about 4 months ago  at Lane Bryant, with their help and now if i bend over, parts just fall out of them, so figured that was not right... ... right???
SO.... In the lingerie department they were very attentive and right away asked if i needed help.  Had picked out one-  36C...  They measured, so far not too bad, was still fully clothed.... and i was 34" around!!  Whoa.. Of course the first one did not fit.. was pretty tight fitting and restrictive... i was holding my breathe, then the supv came in to check.  Now here i am, unclothed from the waist up, holding arms over secret parts.... two unknown ladies in the dressing room with me, talking to one another and me at times, trying to get me to understand what is needed, then they flee, each to come back at separate times with different bras.... no locked doors in these rooms..... more trying on, adjusting..."put breasts in cups" please... use two fingers to swoop skin back into the proper place (folks there is alot of skin in some places)..... there must be two dozen filmy, frothy bras in me and at least one other stranger, most of the time.. bras are everywhere.... i start sweating......., the decisions regarding 'coverage', fabric, wire, no wire.  It is all too much!  AND this is one thing i really dislike the trying on of bras.. and they are expensive!!! No special deals, buy one get one 1/2 price or free, here, no siree.....
I always wondered, do i tip these very helpful ladies???  I did not, but they were really too kind and nice and helpful, seems like they deserve something for their time and effort.  But i guess they are getting paid a wage. Just felt their help was way beyond normal....
I did get two very nice bras, then went to Target and got one on sale for $4.48 becuz, NOW i know what size i wear  :)
Take Care & God Bless All
Today i am grateful because i have the need and ability to get myself some wonderful new bras!


  1. Loree, I can identify with your bra dilemma. I recently did the same kind of shopping, but without all the spectators. Once I find one that I like and that fits, I want to be a bunch of them! Have you ever seen the cable TV show "Double Divas"? It's a hoot!

  2. Oh my, I have never gone for a fitting, just buy them on sale and hope they fit. I usually buy the stretchy exercise kind, more forgiving if you are between sizes.

  3. Loved this Loree! I go up and down so much with my weight that I haven't been sized ... can't remember when ...

    BUT I wanted one for traveling all the time that didn't bind. Those Genie Bras at Walmart are great ... not very good for looking sexy but at almost 70? ... I gave that up for lent...

    wow a 34C ... I haven't worn that size in eons sigh

  4. I know this wasn't funny while you were experiencing it but I was laughing while reading it. What great descriptions. Being under endowed all my life I've never had a fitting. I was lucky to wear a bra at all. So thanks for the experience.

  5. That was quite an I have never had! I order on line and hope the " over the shoulder boulder holder " or " upper topper flopper stopper" fits! I do prefer the racerback style though.

    Have a great day...
    P.S. That Target find was great deal!

  6. It was a good laugh to end the day for me. I have been fitted before and I hate it, so stressful! I have resorted to wearing sports bras most of the time because it is easy....just mash 'em down and get on with life!

  7. What a wonderful way for me to end my day. First good news about David from In the Direction of Our Dreams, then Laughing while reading your blog (because I was fitted once for a bra because I didn't know my real size) I agree, it probably wasn't funny at the time, but as you say, now you know. I am so impressed with your weight loss!!!! You go girl.

  8. I'll bet you lost another 10 lbs just trying on bra's...You have done such great work

  9. And aren't the smaller sizes just prettier? And sexier? I don't care if we're old and single, we still deserve pretty, sexy underwear, and they are easier to find at smaller sizes. Congrats on "downsizing." :)