Monday, January 28, 2013

Today's Progress

Above was this morning (that is my warm and cuddly bathrobe in the background) and to the right late this afternoon.  the bigger it gets the longer it takes to get around each round :)  Fun to figure out 'the puzzle' of working it...
Took a LONG walk, for me, this afternoon.  The cemetery is not far from my house and needed to go and remove the xmas wreath from Mom & Dad's space.  Have been thinking for a long time that i could just walk over there, did not have to 'drive'. SO that is what Luci and i did this afternoon.  She is crapped out in front of the heater :)  it was a cold walk..but i bet it was not that far, really, in the whole space of time continuum and all...haha.  If you move right along did not notice the coldness all that much.....
Tomorrow get my hair & waxing done. always LOVE to be spiffed and spoofed up..
Take Care All


  1. You do such nice work. They are beautiful and I love the colors. Today I crocheted my first looooong practice row. I think it's too tightly done, and will do another practice row tomorrow to see if I can loosen it up a bit. I did finally get comfortable with the way I was holding the yarn and hook, though.

    I can't imagine producing items as perfect as yours, but who knows?

  2. Love the flowers I wonder if I can make them and use them to decorate a hat. Really nice work.

  3. Very pretty flowers. good walk too. I really really need to do that.

    waxing? you get your bikini line waxed or your face or both? ;)

  4. I am most impressed! I just can't imagine I could ever make anything like that. I agree with Jo...I have seen roses/flowers like those on hats and scarves. Very pretty!

  5. Your flowers are beautiful. Can't wait to see what you do with them. Congrats on the decision to walk over there rather than drive. Really Good for you given the cold. I always had a really hard time getting myself to go outside on cold days but like you I was always glad I did and if I dressed right and walked briskly enough I was quite warm. Well Done!!