Thursday, February 14, 2013

"A Day"


Well, I spent the day with Bruce, what better thing to do!!  Saw 'A Day To Die Hard' in IMAX... I swear my ears are bleeding!  Think I have gotten over going to those, all I can see is that they are REALLY loud!!! The screen is BIG.  I liked the movie, it was one long car chase, basically, I like those, but it had no hidden meanings or social concept to try to grasp :)  Just Bruce and this time his son, trying to save the world.... Altho I tried, could not find out who this other guy is.  He was hunky..that was about it!!!!
  but it was entertaining and something different to do on a Thursday afternoon.
While in there got a call my taxes were done, so went and completed that process.  Was disappointed I did not get as much back as last year, but then I did not pay our as much in medical premiums as I have in the past, as I passed into the throes/throngs/whatever of Medicare. At least I got something back and did not have to pay.
If we as a country owe so much money to whoever, why are things set up to get out of paying the taxes and we get 'stuff' back,  if we weren't so used to that and they just kept all the money originally taxed??  maybe things would be paid... and where do they get the money to pay our refunds?  I don't get it... I suppose if we did not get 'stuff' back they would just spend more....  just think it is a weird way to do things.... once it is thought about....
Take Care All & God Bless.. hope all had a Happy Valentine's!!!!


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  1. Happy Valentine's Day to you. Will for sure check out the Die Hard movie. Loved all the others!

    We are in the process of doing taxes. What a bothersome chore! I dread it every year! Good question you do they give you your money back when you over pay if they don't have any money?