Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friends

 A good friend I have known since I was 3years old was in town today!!  We got to talk for hours while her husband was doing some work for a company in town.  It was so good to catch up!
 Here we are in a picture her husband, Morris took!!
 Here is her husband, Morris...  We ate at the Coyote Ranch and had the yummiest STEAK chili ever!!  Surely homemade!!  Am looking forward to keeping in touch with them both and getting to know each other better in our advanced age  :)  We sort of swung apart in growing up years and having lives that went different ways.. you know raising kids and what not that goes on...

Look!!!  what is blooming in my yard!!!  How does nature know that it is Easter!!!

Also have to tell a story on myself...  for some unknown reason am having a really difficult time backing out of my driveway.  It has a little jog in it halfway down, plus now I have that great pile of gravel there too!!.  Well, somehow I got out of the driveway, then noticed left the garage door open so had to pull in or back up a bit to get at the right place to close it with the remote and backed into the garbage can sitting on the opposite side of the drive, and it got hooked on the back bumper and I was dragging it down the street  :)  so had to stop and get it out , then just grabbed the remote and walked to the door to close it, rather than try to maneuver anymore, which I was failing at miserably.... I am sure the guy across the street was having a good laugh at my expense....  why is this so difficult for me???
Take Care All and have a Blessed Easter


  1. Always nice to provide entertainment for the neighborhood! ;)

  2. Ha ha!! Oh, Loree, I did have a good laugh, at your expense, sort of, at your backing up story. I say "sort of" because that could have been me. I don't know why, but I've always had trouble backing up. Just not my area of expertise! Why is it hard for some people, I wonder? LOL

  3. Nice that you have reconnected to your friend...great picture of the two of you. Had to laugh at your driveway story - bet the neighbors were laughing too!

  4. It's great to see old friends...glad you have reconnected.

    I can't backup either...

    Daffodils are my absolute favorite!

    Happy Easter Loree.

  5. How great to reconnect with your old friend. The only times I have ever bumped into anything it was when I was backing up. Why do we have trouble with it? One reason I would worry about having a trailer.

  6. Wow-three years old? I do not think I have any contact with anyone before college and not many of them.

    Maybe you send your neighbor a bill for the entertainment:)

  7. me too, Loree ... I just can't turn the wheel where it's supposed to go to for the car to ... oh, nevermind and that's why I don't want to get a Casita or such. terrible backer upper.

    maybe it's a gene

    that is soooo cool! a friend for that long.. I have a couple from 6th grade and one from 3rd grade. We're not close now but we keep in touch.

    love your posey .. jonquil ? I get em confused with daffodils and narcis...something ...