Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Today Brian and I got the yard 'picked up' Moved some rocks (huge) my pots of plants that have not been put in yet as waiting for the yard and beds to be plotted out.  We went and ordered a rented rototiller to be delivered to the house in the morning, so Brian can prep the front yard, getting grass this year!!!  Also got a starter kit for veggie seeds.  Brian is doing that.....  It is exciting to be on the way to getting something accomplished out there.
The picture is from the Wilson River.  Thought I would cycle some of them from our trip to the beach, as there was not room for all of them and want to share. There is nothing around here right now to take pics of, just brown and grey  :) Sherry, those trees are Fir, Hemlock and Spruce, don't know which is which tho  :)  but that is what the trail signs said.. so, there you go....
Take Care all


  1. I love the sound of waterfalls!

    Sometimes I miss my yard. Always enjoyed the planting and sprucing things up in the spring. But the summers in Georgia are so dang hot and dry and with watering bans, all that hard work just wasted! Summers in Oregon though....sounds nice!

  2. Good luck with 'sprucing' up your yard. Glad you have Brian to help. You'll have pictures of it to share soon. Seeing the spring flowers and flowering trees and planting my vegetable garden were about my favorite things associated with owning a home.

  3. I love the little water fall, I can hear it coming down. Love that sound.