Monday, May 27, 2013

Eola Hills

 It was a lovely drive over the mountain from the Willamette River to McMinnville yesterday
 Great views
 Some really eclectic places
 poppies all along the roadside
 I want one of these, but would be hard pressed to 'get' all of those ones?  where do those come from??
This was a very cute idea!! And the side was painted with sunflowers,  I could DO that!!!
Today I am home... boy, what a drive, rain all the way over the mountains and traffic coming at me from east to west was one long continuous line!!  sometimes stopped completely for no reason, no wrecks or hold-ups at all, just stopped, or going along at 10-20 mph..  that would sorely try my patience..glad I was going in the opposite direction... not so many people from Central Oregon go to the valley I guess, most people want to be in C.O. for a long week-end...
My friends in Iowa inform that they had almost 6 inches of rain over the week-end,  yeesh. .Hope Patty gets all the water out of her basement!!! and things dry out!
We have dark clouds and grey skies and it has been raining as the ground is wet looking, but no standing water.. it just soaks in, where it is supposed to be I guess.
Hope all is well with you, Take Care & God Bless


  1. These are really bright cheery pictures Loree. I especially love the first one. Sorry to hear about the dark clouds and rain to dampen such a bright beginning.

  2. glad you are home safe and out of traffic. We have no traffic here, none at all. It is raining in Summer Lake and the RV park is very nearly empty now. I would imagine by the time we head home tomorrow the traffic will be gone. Thanks for the cherry photos!

  3. Glad you are home safe and sound. I like the McMinville/Newberg area. Your pictures make me feel like it's the beginning of summer. The weather man says that by this weekend we will feel more like it's close to summer time.

  4. I love the poppies! Blue bottles? Blue Nun Liebfraumilsch that I drank in the 1970's. Not bad as I remember but I haven't had it in years.

  5. I just love it when we're going to the opposite direction of all the traffic. Those bottle trees are wonderful. But blue bottles?? No idea.

  6. We've seen some happy howdy doody liquors and liqueurs in blue bottles, but I'd sure no want to drink enuf stuff to collect blue bottles!

  7. lol Gypsy knows her bottles! Such a beautiful place... the whole PNW is such a beautiful area... period

  8. Love th epics. Sometimes 2nd hand shops and antique malls sell the empty bottles. A brand of Reisling wine comes in a blue bottle as well. Cannot remember the and. My basement is drying out nicely as long as we do not get any more heavy rain!