Monday, June 3, 2013


Well, last Thursday went for an oil change... have free lifetime oil changes on my car as long as I have it, so it behooves me to take it back to the dealer to have done, but there are no longer appointments and you just go in, then wait your turn, fortunately there were just 3 others head of me, 2 in the process of being done...
I always have the tires rotated at the same time as I get the oil change, BUT have to go to Les Schwab for that, becuz I got the tires there and as long as I have 'their' tires I get free rotations... SO it behooves me to go there, BUT no appointments and you just have to wait your turn, they are always busy.  Getting a LOT read in my book tho... a good thing..
Also had an 'attack' this evening of the same darn thing I JUST had the surgery for.. lasted an unpleasant hour.... SO called my nurse friend, yes, i need to call the doctor and tell them what is going on....  geez..... wonder what to do now??  It is scary, but maybe it is just a one time thing...? and will never happen again.....  hope so
Take Care All and God Bless....  may you not have to wait   :)


  1. I hope it's a one-time thing also. Medical issues certainly can interfere with living one's life!

  2. Oh no - hope you aren't having a new problem develop. Enough already!! Do be sure and call your doctor. Just finished a great book - "One Summer" by David Baldacci. Not his usual mystery stuff but a novel about family. VERY GOOD.

  3. I think, like you, I would be happy to wait to save so much money. I have never seen deals like that. Hope you have called your doctor. Unfortunately, problems usually get worse not better if you let them go.

  4. Call that doctor and find out what is going on!! We had to have our oil changed and same thing - no appointment. Just go and wait. But it got done and that's what counts.