Sunday, July 28, 2013


 Mowed the front yard this morning.... learned it is too wet in the morning need to do it after it has dried out all day, the evening would be much better, that wet grass is hard to lift and remove from the grass catcher... and when it gets too full it basically stops mowing/working  :)  who knew???
 This is in the front yard... I planted these all over and some came up and some did not, the ones I put in big pots are doing the best, altho this one is right in the ground!! It is pinker than the one in the back yard...
AND I did not plant sunflowers, they just came up!!!  I think from the seed I feed, the birds drop them about the yard in one form or another  :)  Have two GIANT one that are taller than I am.... thought they may be from Jack and the Beanstalk  :0  HA!
Grass is doing well and Doug the greenhouse guy says after I have mowed twice I can start putting weed killer on the dirty little weeds.  They are not too bad at this point tho and I have been walking about all the time, hand pulling little weed-lets here and there.  So enjoy getting rid of weeds.... gives me something to do, and keeps me out of the bars....  hee-hee
Take Care All


  1. Cutting the grass is perhaps the least enjoyable thing about moving back into a house.

  2. Your yard is really looking good. I think cutting a fairly level yard is a snap - those darn hilly ones get to me though!

  3. Keeps you out of the bars, indeed!! You are too funny! yard looks nice.

  4. Your yard and flowers are beautiful!