Sunday, October 27, 2013

Scenes from friday

When I was up early on Friday and got down to the Deschutes River at Warm Springs there was FOG laying all along the river.. never saw it that way before, it was a sight, then you got away from the river and it was all gone! But when you were right in it, it was all consuming. Could hardly see the road.

The rabbit brush was still blooming down there and all backlit with the rising sun.

The trees were almost bare of their leaves.
But what was there just shone!

This was at the bottom of the canyon looking up at the ridges.

Then later in the afternoon, on the way home, stopped at the little rest stop right by the bridge on hwy 26 on the Deschutes River at Warm Spring...  the ridges in the distance.
NOW there is clear blue sky and I finally had to take off my heavy jacket and scarf... had dressed in lots of layers as was unsure of what the weather and day would bring me.... and kept most everything on all day long as it was on the cool side up on the mountain and windows were open on the truck most of the time for taking pictures out the window.  Leaves were bright and river was clear.
Take Care All & God Bless

p.s.... today was rainy off and on all day, sometimes pouring and I have a back yard knee deep in leaves, now they are all soggy. windy with leaves blowing all over the place.  ;0 what a fine mess to eventually clean up...
Tomorrow I report for Grand Jury (have I mentioned I got selected for that?  Not just jury duty and two weeks any more,  but a month at 3 days a week...  am excited to be performing my civic duty and becoming a part of the legal system...  will see if I still feel this way after a couple weeks of having to get up at 6a, to get ready and be there at 8am!!!)


  1. Thanks for sharing your ride with us. Loved seeing all your photos. Good luck with jury duty!!

  2. Three days a week for a month? That sounds like a job to me. ;)

  3. I'm hoping you can share your experiences on the jury with us at some point. That is probably going to be really interesting. But having to get up three days a week isn't so much fun.

  4. It was great following you along on the logging trip, and nice to see you back home. Yeah, this time of year things get all messy, for sure. The wind blew hard here last night and the entire property is thickly coated with pine needles and leaves. sigh. pretty, but so much work. At least your yard is a reasonable size to manage. Take care, Loree

  5. Pretty scenery. Not so fun to have to change your achedule for jury duty. Maybe it will be an interesting case.