Monday, November 18, 2013


This is what I have been doing, making dish rags  :).....   What??  It is an honest living....
Also it is 51 degrees and overcast here...  we did NOT get the predicted snow... which some may say is a good thing....  cold and blustery week-end tho....
Then this morning, since the sun was NOT shinning in my bedroom window, I slept 'till almost 10 am.. how you might ask can Luci hold her pee that long, when all day long she needs to go in and out, in and out all day.  Can't answer that.
THEN I got a bee in my bonnet and I CLEANED the bathroom floor.  Now one might say what is so unusual about that... well, let me just say I did not just clean.. I CLEANED....  When ever I get the urge or inclination to go in there and sit, have been noticing that the floor just looks dirty.  It has got this linoleum from the 70's, when the house was built, and it had texture in the design....  it is brown   :(   and it looked as if there was dirt in those crevices.... .....  SO.. I have been getting 'stuff'  Mr Clean, Mop & Glow... a smallish (well it seemed large enough in the store, but rather far when compared to the acreage of the bathroom floor), stiff brush.... took everything out of there and started in with a bucket of warm sudsy Mr Clean..... rags and my brush... on my hands and knees... got ALL the nooks and crannies, next to the baseboards, up on the baseboards, the walls even!!!  It looks and SMELLS so wonderful.  And best of all, whilst I am sitting there it does NOT look dirty....  it even shines.....  :0  I am happy.....
Then since the vacuum was out, I just did the rest of the house too...  will eventually go after that floor in the utility room too!!!  but give me a couple days,  my arms and wrists are sort of like noodles right now.......  Also washed ALL the throw rugs.....  Carl was very disturbed that all of this activity was going on and tried to kill the vacuum as he normally does.... think he was teased as a puppy, but it is rather funny, for me, not Carl, he is dead serious....

Take Care All


  1. I about cracked up when I read that line about Luci holding her first I thought you were talking about yourself - just misread it!! Got a good laugh anyway.

  2. You remind me of what I need to get busy and do - clean the bathroom floor! I also have very old linoleum tiles in both kitchen and bathroom, and they seem to collect dirt in the seams. I hate to think of the effort and energy it is going to cost me!

    I need to sleep in until 10 am some morning. At 8:00 I start feeling guilty if I don't get up.

  3. Wow you have been really ambitious. It is so nice to have a really clean space to live in. I'm just laughing about Carl attacking the vacuum. Poor Carl! He has a hard life.

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